2018 Summer Conference

Legislative Update – Presented by Lisa Augspurger, Bush & Augspurger P.A.

2018 Legislative Update

2018 Legislative Session Overview

Claims Bill:

Chapter 2018-001 – An Act Relating to Public Records and Public Meetings

Chapter 2018-003 – An Act Relating to Public Safety

Chapter 2018-003 – Staff Analysis

Chapter 2018-004 – An Act Relating to Higher Education

Chapter 2018-004 – Staff Analysis

Chapter 2018-005 – An Act Relating to School District Accountability

Chapter 2018-005 – Staff Analysis

Chapter 2018-006 – An Act Relating to Education

Chapter 2018-006 – Staff Analysis

Chapter 2018-008 – An Act Relating to Postsecondary Fee Waivers

Chapter 2018-012 – An Act Relating to State-Administered Retirement Systems

Chapter 2018-043 – An Act Relating to State Symbols

Chapter 2018-099 – An Act Relating to Daylight Saving Time

Chapter 2018-104 – An Act Relating to Education for Prisoners

Chapter 2018-104 – Staff Analysis

Chapter 2018-128 – An Act Relating to Written Threats to Conduct Mass Shootings or Acts of Terrorism

Chapter 2018-128 – Staff Analysis

Chapter 2018-132 – An Act Relating to Excess Credit Hour Surcharges

Chapter 2018-134 – An Act Relating to Home Education

Chapter 2018-136 – An Act Relating to Early Learning

Chapter 2018-146 – An Act Relating to Public Records and Public Meetings

Chapter 2018-148 – An Act Relating to Children’s Initiatives

Chapter 2018-150 – An Act Relating to K-12 Public Education

Chapter 2018-150 – Staff Analysis

Chapter 2018-154 – An Act Relating to High School Graduation Requirements

Chapter 2018-154 – Staff Analysis

Chapter 2018-162 – An Act Relating to High School Graduation Requirements

Chapter 2018-163 – An Act for The Relief of Vonshelle Brothers, as the Natural Parent and Legal Guardian of Iyonna Hughey

Chapter 2018-164 – An Act for The Relief of CMH

Chapter 2018-165 – An Act for the Relief of the Estate of Dr. Sherrill Lynn Aversa

Chapter 2018-190 – An Act for the Relief of Cathleen Smiley by Brevard County

Chapter 2018-191 – An Act for the Relief of Ashraf Kamel and Marguerite Dimitri by the Palm Beach County School Board

Chapter 2018-192 – An Act for the Relief of Christopher Cannon

Chapter 2018-193 – An Act for the Relief of Ramiro Companioni Jr by the City of Tampa

Keynote Speaker – Presented by Meagan Johnson, Johnson Training Group LLC

Medical Marijuana: Volatile changing employment law – Presented by W. Rogers Turner, Jr., Hurley, Rogner, Miller, Cox & Warranch, P.A.

Medical Marrijuana – Volatile changing employement law

The Healthcare Challenge – The Latest  – Presented by John Drye, Campus Benefits

Financial Wellness: How to do it. Why it’s Important. – Presented by Bill Kane, MetLife

Financial Wellness – How to do it. Why it’s Important

Telemedicine: Is it a viable option for Physical Rehabilitation – Presented by James Delattre and Jill Carnahan, MedRisk

Enhanced Physical Medicine Model

The Current Pharmacy Landscape – Presented by Rebecca Mitchem, Aetna

The Current Pharmacy Landscape

Opioid Epidemic – Presented by Catherine Starner, PrimeTherapeutics

Opioid Managed Care Programs

Pharmacy-Overview of Current Landscape – Presented by Gene Dorr, Gallagher and OptumRx

National Pharmacy Practice

Re-Inventing the Provider-Carrier Relationship and New Member Tools – Presented by Jim Moore and Gina Ciccia, UnitedHealthcare

Re-Inventing the Provider – Carrier Relationship & New Member Tools

Know your Liability, Protect your District – Presented by Eugene Pettis, Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm

Roundtable “Stay at Work Policy and What to Do after MMI” – Presented by Nancy Blastic, Broussard, Cullen & Blastic

Stay at Work Policy & What to do After MMI

Cost of Employment Retention – Presented by Dr. Angela Pruitt and Dr. Shellie Halstead, School District of Lee County

Cost of Employment & Retention

It’s Back! Preparing for the 2018 Hurricane Season and Other Potential Disasters – Presented by Scott Clark, Gallagher and Aston Henry, Broward County Public Schools

It’s Back! Preparing for the 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season & Other Potential Natural Disasters

Active Shooter/Workplace Violence Insurance and Risk Mitigation – Consumer Buyer’s Guide – Presented by Paul Marshall, McGowan Program Administrators and Dianne Howard, Palm Beach County School District

Active Shooter Workplace Violence Risk & Insurance

Managing a Data Breach – Presented by Ted Young, Alliant, Amanda Surovec, Beazley Group and Serge Jorgensen, Sylint Group

Cyber Incidents in Education