Welcome to the Florida Educational Risk Management Association (FERMA) website.

FERMA’s objective is to promote the use of risk management in educational institutions in the State of Florida as a means of preserving assets from loss or destruction. FERMA further seeks to educate members.

Current FERMA Board Members:


Robert Hartley
Northeast Florida Educational Consortium

Past President:

Lynn Peterson
School Board of Sarasota County

President Elect:

Jackie Watkins
Duval County School District


Robert Stratton
Duval County Public Schools

Board Members:

Mickey Hudson
Panhandle Area Education Consortium

Kalee Wade
School Board of Levy County

Tracy Schatzberg
Hillsborough County Public Schools


Executive Assistant:

Selina Ohlson
Florida College System Risk Management Consortium



John Radcliffe
FERMA Founder

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Member Resources

Florida Educational Risk Management Association Community

FERMA Community is where Educational Members may post topics for discussion with other Educational Members.  Members have the option to start a forum or join an ongoing discussion.

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District Profiles

Florida School Districts (DOE Listing)


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Professional Educational Risk Managers (PERM) Certification

The Professional Educational Risk Manager Certification program was created to fill a void in the educational opportunities for educational risk managers in the state Florida and those agents and other service providers who collaborate with them. To earn the PERM Certification, Risk Managers must complete courses in the seven areas of responsibility that generally fall under the Risk Management umbrella.  Once complete, recipients will be knowledgeable regarding current trends, best practices, current codes, and regulations that affect all Educational Risk Managers daily.

Initial Certification:
Individuals must complete thirty-six credit hours in the following areas of study.  (Initial certification will take 3-4 years of diligent participation.)

  1. Employee Benefits 6 Hours
  2. Health and Wellness 4 Hours
  3. Workers Compensation 6 Hours
  4. Safety and Occupational Health 5 Hours
  5. Property and Casualty 6 Hours
  6. Emergency Response and Crisis Management 4 Hours
  7. Financial Controls 5 Hours

After initial certification, individuals have 3 years to complete the required 24 hours for Re-Certification.  The requirements of recertification are as follows:

  1. Employee Benefits 4 Hours
  2. Health and Wellness 3 Hours
  3. Workers Compensation 4 Hours
  4. Safety and Occupational Health 3 Hours
  5. Property and Casualty 4 Hours
  6. Emergency Response and Crisis Management 2 Hours
  7. Financial Controls 4 Hours

Instruction credits must be earned from the Florida Educational Risk Management Association at the annual Summer Conference.

  • Records retention and certification requirements shall be the responsibility of the FERMA Treasurer, who also serves as the Certification Chairperson.
  • At least twenty-four credits of instruction must be attained for re-certification.
  • Risk Managers are not required to be certified to do their jobs; however, FERMA certification is provided on a voluntary basis to enhance professional Risk Management skills.
  • The Member must be in good standing to receive credits and to become a certified as a Professional Educational Risk Manager.

For more information, please contact Robert Stratton, FERMA Treasurer.  Mr. Stratton can be contacted at

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